• Shiatsu

    What is Shiatsu? Shi-atsu’, literally finger-pressure’, is a Japanese finger-pressure technique derived from the theories and ... READ MORE >
  • Auxiliary Methods

    Cupping Cupping consists in applying one or several suction cups to the skin. A pump or a flame is used ... READ MORE >
  • Tui-Na Massage

    What is Tui Na? Tui Na is one of the major components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which also includes ... READ MORE >
  • BEAM Therapy™

    What is BEAM Therapy™? The Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM) developed by Dr J.K. Beattie, MD, is a powerful, comprehensive ... READ MORE >
  • Energy Therapies

    These refer here to modalities dealing more specifically with the human Energy Field. Among innumerable energy therapies currently practiced, ... READ MORE >