What is BEAM Therapy™?

The Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM) developed by Dr J.K. Beattie, MD, is a powerful, comprehensive yet simple, safe and effective method of releasing past unprocessed emotions and their associated toxins.

BEAM Therapy™ is based on the premise that illness, whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual is in large part the result of past unresolved emotional traumas. Dr Eric Robins, a prominent urologist from California, contends that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses, and that in the remaining 15%, there are always significant unresolved emotions remaining around the illness to affect the life of the individual.

Unresolved emotional traumas lead to dysfunctional perceptions, beliefs, and behavior patterns and, indeed, disease. Furthermore, these dysfunctions, over time, become more and more entrenched and eventually become our “buttons” or habitual, unconscious, automatic ways of responding to the world.

Thus, BEAM Therapy™ essentially approaches illness from its emotional component.

The BEAM Procedure

The basic procedure follows two systematic steps at every session:
In a first step, BEAM muscle tests the frequencies of a cross-section of 40 different emotions in order to identify those that are energetically toxic for the client. These represent the unprocessed emotions or dysfunctional patterns ready for release at that session. Small vials are used for testing, each containing the specific frequency of one emotion.

The toxic frequencies are then set aside and placed in the energy field of the client while a chakra clearing procedure is performed to clear their toxicity.

The power of BEAM Therapy

The power of BEAM Therapy is that

“Under the guidance of the Higher-Self, as verified by muscle-testing, it eventually releases all the unprocessed emotional trauma, dysfunctional programs, negative core beliefs, and associated embedded toxins. Simultaneously, this release generates an intellectual understanding of how the trauma has affected the individual over the years, greater than that usually gained through traditional psychotherapy. The result can be likened to a re-framing at the cell or subconscious level “. (Dr J. K. Beattie)

How many treatments do I need?

The BEAM process usually takes between 5 and 65 sessions for healing, depending on the clients’ age and the severity of the problem. Generally speaking, the younger the person, the fewer the visits and the more severe the problem, the more visits are required.

The average number is between 3 and 35 sessions for adults, 15 for adolescents and 6 for children.