There is such a trusting attitude about Fred. A few minutes of Tui-Na in his hands on my head and scalp, and I felt so much better. His personality makes you feel comfortable the moment you enter the door.

A. C.

Hi Fred! I’m calling to say that I have complete recovery of my shoulder and my spine and – unbelievable! – I have no pain pressure spots at all in my body. I can’t believe it! I told every client who walked in here into my hair salon about you. I have distributed your business cards. I have some key clients who have been here for many years who didn’t know you were here and will be calling you as well.

So, I’m just letting you know that, if you start getting busy, I’ve spread the word and I’ll be calling you again. I’m having great success and I feel totally energized. So, I thank you so much again for your healing touch.


With grateful thanks I send this message. For many years (30) I found brief relief from back tension by going to the chiropractor but the relief was so temporary. I do not like to rely on pain medication so I was always in search for other ways to reduce the stress in my back.

I am a barber and standing on my feet all day with arms raised. The stress between my shoulder blades would build to the point of tears on really busy days. Soon after finding Fred, I found great lasting relief from shiatsu therapy. I no longer go to the chiropractor and have found that with a few stretching and mild exercise tips from Fred my whole body is benefiting from the shiatsu therapy. Better digestion, more energy, sleep better, more flexibility, less stress, more productive and feel like dancing all the time!!!

Thank you Fred!


BEAM Therapy™ has helped me change my perception of my relationships and my life, resulting in my feeling freer and more aware at my job, with my friends, with my spouse and with my family.

Since doing BEAM Therapy™, I feel less anxiety in general, and with specific things (e.g. car accidents). I also feel I can cope better with strong emotions such as anger, guilt and sadness and I am better able to confront people when I am feeling these strong emotions without fear of rejection.

One of the biggest benefits of BEAM Therapy™ that I have received is letting go of guilt, and thus practicing better loving-kindness towards myself. I set firmer boundaries for myself and am not as willing to direct my energy to others when I can recognize that I need it for myself. I am still kind and giving to others but I do not feel the same need to be responsible for people and their happiness as I once did.


Since doing BEAM, I have for the first time in my life been able to tune into life long feelings of anxiety and depression. Through this process I have now been able to resolve these feelings which allowed my true self to emerge.